Email queue

List of examples:

Sending an email

// Creates the email message object
EmailMessage msg = new EmailMessage()
    // Sets the 'From' email address
    From = "system@localhost.local",

    // Sets the 'To' email address
    // Separate addresses with a semicolon ';' to add multiple recipients
    Recipients = "admin@localhost.local",

    // Sets the priority of the email
    // The system prioritizes processing emails with a higher priority
    Priority = EmailPriorityEnum.Normal,

    // Sets the subject line of the email
    Subject = "Hello!",
    // Sets the body of the email
    Body = "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...",

// Adds the email message to the email queue
// The email is sent to the configured SMTP server using the 'Send queued emails' scheduled task

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