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On-line Marketing

Enable on-line marketing

Indicates if on-line marketing is enabled. This includes the following functionality:

  • Tracking of visitors on the live site as contacts. If the setting is disabled, users can still work with existing contacts in the administration interface.
  • Logging of on-line marketing activities.
  • Email marketing features, i.e. email tracking, A/B testing and bounced mail monitoring.


Enable A/B testing

Indicates if A/B testing is allowed for pages.

A/B testing allows you to define different variants of pages, and then evaluate which of them performs best on your website. When a visitor views the tested page on the live site for the first time, the system randomly displays one of the variants. From that point, the visitor's activity on the website is logged and categorized under the given variant.

Enable multivariate testing

Indicates if multivariate testing (MVT) is enabled. This allows you to define MVT tests for pages and create different variants of their content. Once the test is running, the system assigns one of the possible content combinations to visitors who access the page on the live site. From that point, the visitor's activity on the website is logged and categorized under the given MVT combination.

Content personalization

Enable content personalization

Indicates if content personalization is allowed and enabled.

On MVC sites, content editors can personalize widgets to display different content based on conditions.

On Portal Engine sites, content personalization allows page designers (and content editors) to create different variants of web parts, entire web part zones or editor widgets. The system displays the variants to users on the live site according to dynamically resolved conditions.

New page location

Indicates where new pages created for marketing campaigns are located in the structure of the website. Only applies to Portal Engine websites.

See Setting up campaigns for more information.

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